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what are wire mesh tray?

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what are wire mesh trays?

A wire mesh tray is tray formed mainly with wire or wirelike mesh. The tray usually has panels or a sheet of wire mesh connected by thicker rods made of the same material, although larger trays may have identical rods bent to form a basket or tray on their own. Like other trays, a wire mesh tray is supposed to hold something, from small office supplies to papers to industrial cables. Larger industrial trays are also called cable trays. Wire mesh trays can range in depth from shallow to having very high sides.

The mesh in the trays is usually stiff enough that it doesn’t sag when users place items in the tray. The amount of space between the wires in the mesh varies depending on what the tray is meant to hold. Wire mesh trays in offices usually have very small spaces to prevent items like push pins from falling through, while a wire mesh tray meant to hold cables together in a factory could have very large spaces because there’s no danger of a cable falling through. Trays meant for office and home use are often stackable, and those meant for industrial use can be custom-made to suit the needs of the individual company.