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Which kind of sterilization basket is better?

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Which kind of sterilization basket is better?
At present, in the applications of sterilization basket, cleaning baskets, we can divide into plastic and 304 stainless steel. Personally think when cleaning and disinfection, it may come across high temperature, as to the plastic products, we know not too much as the stainless steel one, after all our main products are stainless steel products. When we had the sterilization, we usually use the stainless steel basket.
There are two kinds of sterilization basket in the market. One is welded wire mesh basket; the other is perforated wire mesh basket. After the analysis of the users’ feedback, we get the following conclusion:
The perforated basket is durable, solid, but with poor permeability; and the welded wire mesh is a bit poor in durable and solid but better in permeability, 
If the basket is used in sterilizing and cleaning aspects, the wire mesh basket can satisfy the permeable performance for cleaning and the importance of sterilization, it still looks new after used for ten years, not rusty, still strong