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How to Clean Home Speaker Grills

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How to Clean Home Speaker Grills

Clean your home speaker grills when necessary to keep the equipment looking new and attractive. Dust can accumulate on the cover, which can affect speaker performance over time. You might need to clean the grill simply because someone spilled a drink on the speaker, leaving the sticky remains of a Cosmopolitan down the front of your audio gear. Follow these steps to clean a speaker grill thoroughly and safely.



Remove the speaker grill by pulling gently on the top corners with your fingertips to release the snap-on prongs that fit inside the speaker. Tilt the cover forward and pop it off the bottom prongs as well. Don't twist or turn the grill cover.

Remove minor dust and dirt with a handheld vacuum or floor vac with attachments on a flexible tube. Work across the inside and outside of the grill cover in even strokes. Don't press too hard or you could rip the cloth cover or tear it from the frame.

Swab the inside and outside of the speaker grill with the soapy sponge to get rid of dried, sticky liquids and tenacious dirt.

Rinse the speaker grill in clean water and allow to air dry. Placing the grills face down on towels will speed up the drying.

Use the can of compressed air to blast away dust on the speaker cones while the grill covers are drying. This preventive maintenance will improve speaker performance.

Tips & Warnings
Do not touch speaker cones and other internal components