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Kitchen utensil dish rack

Kitchen utensil dish rack
Kitchen utensil dish rack
  • Category:Racks and Shelves
  • Material:iron wire/ stainless steel wire
  • Properties:kitchen utensil dish rack
  • Application:to cooling the kitchen utensils

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Kitchen utensil dish rack
1. Material: iron wire/ stainless steel wire
2. Dimension: 360*200*168mm
Different sizes are available
3. Finishing: chrome plating or polished
4. Features: Fashionable, Modern, Aestheticism, firm ad durable, surface smooth without any satins
5. Production process: the display rack through cutting, bending, circling, welding etc technology with the low-carbon steel wire.
6. Characteristics of the kitchen utensil dish rack:
      1. Simple and convenient style
       2. Easy to clean, make your kitchen tidier
       3. It is lightweight and slender for easy storage and mobility;
       4. With a bottom board can storage the water from the kitchen tools
       5. Make full use of the space, easy to place and take the cooking utensil