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Manual egg beater

Manual egg beater
Manual egg beater
  • Category:Other Deep Processing Products
  • Material:metal
  • Properties:owns a smooth surface
  • Application:popular among housewives in the kitchen

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Manual egg beater

The specifications of Manual egg beater

1.  The materials of Manual egg beater: metal

2.  Size: 8inch ,10inch and 12inch

3.  Weight: 35g,44g , 47g

The features of Manual egg beater

1.  Manual egg beater owns a smooth surface.

2.  Manual egg beater is easy to clean by hand.

3.  Manual egg beaters are strong and comfortable in your hand.

The applications of Manual egg beater

1. Manual egg beaters are very popular among housewives in the kitchen.


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Manual egg beaterManual egg beater