Mesh Baskets

Aluminum mesh gutter guards

Aluminum mesh gutter guards
Aluminum mesh gutter guards
  • Category:Mesh Baskets
  • Material:aluminum,stainless steel,low carbon steel,etc.
  • Properties:corrosion resistance,high abrasion resistance
  • Application:used in catwalk,walkway,decoration

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Aluminum mesh gutter guards
The specifications of Aluminum mesh gutter guards
1. The materials of Aluminum mesh gutter guards: aluminum, stainless steel, low carbon steel, etc.
2. Width: maximum up to 3M
3. Thickness: For Aluminum, maximum up to 12mm
For steel, maximum up to 14mm
4. Aperture size: 2mm × 1mm ---300mm × 120mm
5. Stem width: 0.5mm--50mm
6. The other demands of customers are also available.
The features of Aluminum mesh gutter guards
1. Corrosion resistance
2. High abrasion resistance
3. Strong and durable
4. Elegant design
5. Bright color
6. Cost economic
The applications of Aluminum mesh gutter guards
Aluminum mesh gutter guard
is widely used in the following field:
1. Gutter guard and gutter mesh
2. Catwalk, walkway, decoration
3. Construction, machinery and equipment protection
4. Handicraft manufacturing
5. Highway guardrail, sports ground, the road greening mat
6. Tankers' foot pedal mesh oil tank truck, oil mines
7. Locomotives and tonner steamship working platform
8. Staircase and pavement

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