Mesh Baskets

Mesh disc

Mesh disc
Mesh disc
  • Category:Filter Screen
  • Material:stainless steel 304
  • Properties:filter mesh
  • Application:petrochemical, oil field pipe filter; refueling equipment.

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Mesh disc
1)stainless steel 304
2) Filtration ration: 2-300um
3)Standard material: 304,316
Stainless steel mesh disc
Marginal materials: stainless steel, aluminum and nickel-plated copper.
Shapes: round, rectangle elliptical, other shapes.
Disc filters are provided in different shapes: Single piece or multiple layered.
Uses: Wire mesh discs are mainly used in pharmacy, chemicals, chemical fibers, etc.
Filter element:
1. Standard material: SUS 316L
2. Filtration ration: 2-300um
3. Special sizes are available on request

Application: petrochemical, oil field pipe filter; refueling equipment, construction machinery equipment, fuel filter; water treatment industry equipment filtration; pharmaceutical and food processing areas;