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Grading sieves

Grading sieves
Grading sieves
  • Category:Filter Screen
  • Material:SS304/316, etc.
  • Properties:good filtering and corrosion resistance
  • Application:for chemical, cosmetics, general industrial, fertilizer, foods, minerals, etc.

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Grading sieves
The specifications of Grading sieves
1. The materials of Grading sieves: SS304/316, etc.
2. Aperture: 10--400micron
3. Sieve Diameter: 3"-16''
4. Height (full): 1.3 inch-- 3.9 inch
The features of Grading sieves
1. Grading sieves are good filtering and corrosion resistance.
2. Grading sieves are easy to clean and long using life.
3. Grading sieves are acid and alkali resistance and high temperature resistance.
4. Grading sieves are non-magnetic, uniform aperture size and longtime use.
The applications of Grading sieves
1. Grading sieves are used for chemical, cosmetics, general industrial, fertilizer, foods (flour, grain, and coffee), minerals, etc.
2. Grading sieves are applied to exact mesh analysis, test, measure, classification for powdery material in lab, hospital, pharmacy, foodstuff, metallurgy, construction, departments, etc.

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