Mesh Baskets

Baking rack

Baking rack
Baking rack
  • Category:Barbecue Net
  • Material:stainless steel wire/ mild steel wire
  • Properties:barbecue wire
  • Application:mainly used in roasting, steaming and smoking of pasta.

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Backing rack
. special for cake backing & cooling
. can be made as your require
Backing rack
Material: stainless steel wire/ mild steel wire/ galvanized wire/ welded wire/ Chrome plate wire.
Weaving pattern: wrap the side of the molding netting
Shape: can be made in round, square, rectangular, curve/camber, flat, convex shapes
Specifications: special require would be also available.
Characteristic: With legs, easy to stand & use. Heat-resistant, Does not distort and rust, Non-toxic, Long life-span. The environmental health will be protection and easy to operate. May duplicate uses, the service life is long.
BBQ netting
Features: High temperature resistance, not deformation, not rusty, non-toxic tasteless, easy to use.
Using: Barbecue Wire Mesh is mainly used in roasting, steaming and smoking of pasta, meat, fish in hotels, restaurants, grill bars, picnics, camping, military, tourism and other activities, As well has won the favor of baking enthusiast.