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BBQ Grill

BBQ Grill
BBQ Grill
  • Category:Barbecue Net
  • Material:Chrome plated and wooden handle.
  • Properties:barbecue wire
  • Application:barbecue meat, vegetable, seafood, fruit.

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BBQ Grill
1. Material: Chrome plated and wooden handle.
2. Total length: 61.4cm,
3. Grill size: 48*28.6cm;
4. Wire size:4.5/2.5mm
5. Applications of the BBQ Grill:
It's a best way to barbecue meat, vegetable, seafood, fruit.
6. Package of the BBQ Grill:
Usually 16pcs per carton
7. Payment terms: T/T
8. MOQ: 1000PCS