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metal rock-barbecue

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A group of high-school students from School District 57 is getting hands-on experience in the heavy construction industry as part of the Heavy Metal Rocks program.
The 32 students will learn to safely operate several different pieces of heavy construction equipment at the Inland Concrete gravel pit.
The first day of the work-experience program involves Industry and WorkSafeBC giving the students safety awareness training.
Participants will also take the Construction Safety Training System course and receive certification. They will tour local construction industry operations and be introduced to the sector’s different career paths. Over the next three days, they will obtain work experience at the gravel pit, receiving direct supervision and mentorship from experienced construction operators and trades people.
They’ll also receive additional educational and safety demonstrations during their lunches and snack breaks.
Prince George Construction Association president Rosalind Thorn says one of the exciting features of Heavy Metal Rocks is that students have the chance to explore a wide variety of career paths, from those involved in design through to on-site completion of projects.
The event wraps up on Saturday with a barbecue, awards presentation, and equipment demonstration involving the participants, parents, and local dignitaries.