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Woven wire cloth

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Woven wire mesh and woven wire cloth usually be made into various woven wire products as follows:

Woven wire mesh filter cloth;

Woven wire cloth filter elements;

Woven wire window screens;

Stainless steel wire mesh tea strainers;

Woven wire mesh filter discs;

Woven wire enclosures;

Wire mesh sinks strainers,

Filter tubes and filter bags;

Woven wire partitions;

Woven wire enclosures;

Woven wire cages for pets and other animals;

Woven wire containers, baskets and cases;

Wire rails; Woven wire shelves, racks, and so on.

Woven wire is versatile and easily adapted to special uses and conditions. It is fabricated from drawn or rolled sections in standard or special materials. In open mesh constructions such as partitions, guards and grilles, it has long been accepted and specified for outstanding quality and durability.

Woven wire in the above form and construction, being mostly portable, is unexcelled where conditions such as ventilation, lighting, vision and fire-proofed materials are prime requisites. Woven wire of any gauge from fine to coarse can meet the particular need of any open mesh requirement that may be presented to the fabricator.

Woven wire can be used as custom fabrication of square and diamond meshes for wire mesh partitions, fill panels, wire mesh railings, window guards and other architectural woven wire products, etc.