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Use Speaker Grilles

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Speaker grilles are simple protective elements that sit over the speakers' drivers, protecting them from dust, wear and other damage. Generally composed of plastic, metal or fabric, speaker grilles don't really require too much user upkeep and are quite easy to use.



1 If the speaker grilles are removable, be sure that they are fitted snugly to the speaker enclosure. This will prevent any dust or debris from sneaking underneath the grille and will also prevent rattling that could diminish the sound quality of the speaker.


2 Keep the grilles clean. If they are removable, pull them off the speakers and clean both sides as needed. For plastic or metal grilles, wipe off dust or dirt with a dry or slightly dampened cloth. For fabric grilles, vacuum dust off and clean stains with a solution of water and mild detergent. Use a soft cloth or sponge to clean the stain, then rinse with warm water. Allow them to air dry prior to putting them back onto the speakers. Clean the grilles as needed to keep them dust- and dirt-free.


3 Remove the grilles. Some listeners prefer the clean sound of their speakers without the grilles covering them up. While grilles shouldn't interfere too drastically with the sound of the speakers, you may prefer to listen with them off. Carefully pull them off the enclosure and store them upright in a safe place. Reinstall the grilles when you're done listening to keep the speakers protected.