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Types of Chicken Wire

Chicken wire, or hexagonal wire mesh, was originally designed for fencing in chickens, pet cage or dog cage, but it is now used in multiple tasks, such as reinforcing concrete, making sculptures and encircling trees, shrubs and gardens to protect against pests. Because it's made of light gauge wire, it is an inexpensive option and also provides flexibility and ease of use. All chicken wire has the same basic design, but it varies in size, material, coating or wire twist.


Stainless Steel Chicken Wire


Stainless steel chicken wire is the most common option for home and garden projects due to its availability and resistance to corrosion. It ranges from 1/2 to 2 inches in hexagonal diameter and .7 mm to 1 mm in wire gauge. Other common uses are construction, masonry, agriculture and wrapping pipes in the chemical and petroleum industries.


Galvanized Chicken Wire


Made of high-quality low carbon steel, galvanized chicken wire is also a good choice for protection against corrosion and oxidation. Depending upon personal preference, the wire can be galvanized before weaving or after weaving. Options of weaving patterns are also available, such as straight twist, reverse twist or double twist.


PVC-Coated Chicken Wire


This type of chicken wire has a soft, protective PVC coating that also provides good protection against the elements and makes it easier to work with. This option may be good for a more decorative approach. PVC-coated chicken wire is available in various colors, such as green, white, gray or black. furthermore, they can used for pet cage, especially rabbit cage.


Plastic Chicken Wire


Plastic chicken wire is made of polyethylene and polypropylene, which also withstands corrosive intrusion. Like PVC-coated chicken wire, plastic chicken wire is also available in multiple colors. This option is ideal for flexibility and durability because the plastic allows for more movement and elasticity. Apart from chicken fencing, plastic chicken wire is commonly used in the chemical and petroleum industry, in mattresses, seat pads and roadbeds.