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Tips on How to Decorate Wire Shower Baskets

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Throwing a baby shower is a thoughtful way to congratulate a new mother and help her prepare for her upcoming child. Creating decorated baskets with themed goodies will extend the glad wishes to all of the shower's guests. If your shower has a theme, incorporate it into the baskets' decorations.


Types of Baskets

Choose a decorated basket that complements your needs. If you have a large budget, consider spending a little more for attractive wire baskets or decorative handcrafted wicker baskets. By selecting a sturdy or handsome basket, you give guests something they can continue to use in their homes after the party. Also select a size that relates to the number of gifts or goodies you are giving away. If you place too few gifts in a large basket, they will "get lost" in it and seem especially paltry. For a creative spin, make your own mesh basket. Follow instructions from a crafty magazine, such as Mother Earth News, to create memorable items for all the guests.


Themed Basket Decorations

If your baby shower has a theme, apply it to your mesh basket decorating. For a "bird's nest" themed shower, select a basket made of natural fibers. Fill it with a natural stuffing, such as washed pine needles, and nestle decorative eggs among any other gift items. Egg-shaped soaps make thematic and useful goodies. Inside each nest, place a barrette, comb, brooch or paperweight in the shape of a bird.


If your shower takes on a beach theme, an excellent choice for gender-neutral parties, decorate the basket with seashells and green garland resembling seaweed. For a thematic touch, switch out a traditional woven basket for a beach pail. Look in crafts shops for antique metal pails, and paint them in pastel colors. Tuck seashell-shaped chocolates, marzipan or cookies inside the buckets or baskets.



Gender-Neutral Tips

If you already know the baby's gender, it's easy to go wild with pink or blue trimmings. For a gender-neutral shower, open up the color palette and avoid items that are stereotypically boyish or girly. Decorating baskets with colored ribbons is inexpensive, simple and very charming. Simply thread a few satiny ribbons around the edging of each basket or along their handles. Feel free to include pinks or blues, together with other pastels, such as lavender, moss green and buttercup yellow. Combining understated hues evokes a classic nursery feeling. Decorate with a few tasteful paper or silk flowers. Look for ornamental bees or butterflies at local craft supply shops, and nestle them among the flowers. Stars and celestial ornaments also make completely gender-neutral and appropriate decorations for baby shower baskets. Wind silver garland around each basket, and tuck glistening stars and moons inside. A year-round Christmas shop may carry appropriate ornaments. For a sweet touch, include homemade black and white cookies frosted to show slightly waxing or waning moons.