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The production process of expanded metal sheets

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Traditionally, an expanded metal is perceived as metal material which possess diamond shaped holes. They are produced using an expandable machine. It uses both a stretching process and pressurized slitting to change sheets of metal and coils into an expanded mesh. Generally, metals can be expanded into a wide range of patterns and thickness depending on the intended application. This process of expanding metals was patented by Hartlepool, UK in 1880’s. A part from metals, other materials e.g. plastics or ductile materials can also be expanded. Expanded metals are available in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals with varying sizes. They are used in applications which require both strength and flexibility, weight reduction and cost reduction. Cutting this metals can be such a difficult and challenging process especially if you do not follow the correct procedure and posses the desired cutting tools. Cutting these types of metals is easy though it requires a bit of effort and may take a little time too.


1. Get the right tools.

2. Identify the type of expandable metal you would wish to cut.

3.Take measurements.

4. Begin the cutting process.

5. To cut expanded metal, you will require a cutting tool.

6. Cleaning the workshop.


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