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The processing method of grill grate

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When you have a crowd coming over to watch your team’s home opener and enjoy a barbecue, you want your grill grate to shine. Special grill paint will take care of the exterior. Even if you practice consistent grill maintenance, the grill grate may not look its best. Now is the time to recoat a grill grate by removing the rust and restoring the shine with natural, food-safe oil.




1 Remove the grill grate from inside the grill.


2 Pour liquid dishwashing soap over the grate and place it inside a plastic trash bag. Pour warm water over the grate and let it sit overnight.


3 Take the grll grid out of the plastic bag and scrub with a steel-bristle brush. Use a nylon brush on a stainless steel grate and wipe cast iron with a soft cloth. Soaking the grate overnight in the bag of soap and water loosens any burnt food stuck to the grate.


4 Rinse off the soapy grate with water and let it dry.



5 Rub the steel wool pad over the metal grate to remove any rust. Rinse the grate with water and let it dry.


6 Heat the grill until the coals turn to ash in a charcoal grill or to 250 degrees Fahrenheit on a gas grill. Put the grate back on the grill and heat the grate.


7 Pour olive oil into a spray bottle. Spray the grate with olive oil, away from the grill. Cover every bar with the oil. Place the grate back onto the hot grill for two to three hours.


8 Remove the grill grate and recoat the grate with more olive oil. Take the grate off the grill and recoat the grate with even more olive oil.


9 Return the grate to the grill and heat for another two hours at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a grill thermometer on the outside of the grill if your grill netting doesn't have one installed. Home improvement and hardware stores and grill shops carry these thermometers.