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The introduction of perforated metal

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There are many selections of opening shapes, sizes, gauges and material types when you choose perforated metal.

Perforated metal can be divided into standard, heavy and flattened. The material of perforated metal can be plates or sheets of carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, nickel, Al-Mg alloy, aluminum galvanized and other materials. Stainless steel perforated mesh is able to withstand the corrosive atmospheres and harsh elements, and it usually be used for the purpose of screening, filtration, ventilation, security, architectural and decorative. We always produce the structure of filter cartridge with this perforated metal mesh.

You can find some steps of perforated metal production processing as follows:

decoiling and cutting metal sheet, expanding processing, flattening the perforated metal sheet and cutting it as need, and rolling. The process can be changed according to the customers' requirement.

The opening shape of perforated metal mesh includes diamond, hexagonal, round, square or special shape. , it also can be divided into perforated metal gate, grating and ceilings, corner beads, angle bead and metal lath according different usage.

perforated metal panels have many applications as its variety of patterns, sheet thickness and mesh size,

1. It can be used in barrier fencing, courtyard fencing, gates, platforms, security screens, flooring, privacy screens, plants, ship making, mineral sifting,  conveying, side passages for conveyors and cranes, fences and decoration of buildings, grating, groove cover.

2. perforated metal fencing is popular fencing in application of schools, sports fields, airports and other places. The heavy type is ideal for uses in plants, ship making, mineral sifting and buildings.

3. It also can be used in architecture us ribbon mesh.