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The advantage of powder coating

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For the metal products especially the material is iron, we have many options to make it beautiful and have long service life. Today, letl's talk about an excellent surface treatment, powder coating. 


This technology is one of the techniques that have grown at the rapid speed and they are becoming a common methods used for many kinds of metal products. Due to its good performance, the product which has this surface treatment has beautiful apperance, smooth surface, it is resistant to many kinds ofcorrosion, high temperature and so on. 


We can find many advantages on making use of the powder coating in Wuzhou Kingda and some of them are listed as below: 


1. Environment- Friendly

The powder coating is non-toxic, solvent-free and contains no volatile toxic substances. Furthermore, it emits zero or near zero volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere, providing a much more environmentally friendly process for improving the working conditions of wokers, greatly reducing health and safety risks.


2. Practical Application

This  method makes  use  of the  spraying  gun and that  contains the resins, pigments and some of  the additives to give theperfect look. They resist the scratches and abrasions and by this method, you could save more time. And on the other hand, the powder can be recycled into the powder supply system for reuse. The utilization rate of the powder coating is over 96%.


3. Good performance.

The powder coatings can produce much thicker coatings than liquid coatings, it has good compactness, adhesion, impact strength and toughness. Its performance is stable, can be stocked for a long time. 


4. Lower costs.

Compare to the liquid coating powder coating equipment costs a lot less, but it provides you the best finishes.  


5. Make your life beautiful

as the develooment of the industrial technology, more and more manufacturer like it. It is used for many fields such as household products, pet cage, horticultural products, outdoor products etc. It makes your life colorful and beautiful. 


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