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Self Cleaning BBQ Grills

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Keeping your charcoal or gas BBQ grill clean not only improves its condition and appearance, but it also enhances the flavor of the food you want to grill. Ash from the charcoal, grease and food particles builds up on the grates and affects the flavor and texture of the food. Cleaning the barbeque grill is a continual process you should carry out after every use.


Routine Cleaning

Routine cleaning, preferably after every use, prevents bacterial and food buildup. Avoid handling the roast grate when it is still hot, but let it cool down after you finish grilling your dinner. Scrub the grill and grates with a wire brush soaked in hot soapy water. Flip the grates to clean their other sides as well. When they are dry, spray the grates with cooking oil to prevent rust. Scrubbing the burners with a wire brush once they cook down removes accumulated grease and food particles. Also, clean the grease traps with the wire brush as the grease they accumulate is flammable.


Quarterly Cleaning

Give your bbq grill an extensive cleaning four to five times a year. Disconnect the gas tank before the cleaning process if your grill works with gas. Soak the grates in hot soapy water before scrubbing them with a wool pad. Let the grill cook for 10 minutes to burn off residual cleaning supplies. Also inspect the chassis, joints, connectors and fasteners for rust, and brush the rust off with a wool pad. Tighten or replace damaged or broken parts of the grill to prolong its life and improve its future condition.


Cleaning Burners

To clean infrared burners on the grill grate, turn them on to high for 10 minutes after every use, or spray a solution of lemon juice and water on the grates. If required, remove stubborn food particles from the burners using a sharp blade. Once the burners are cooled, wipe the surface with a clean rag. The best way to clean rotisserie burners is to leave them on so they burn off excess debris and grease. After they burn the debris and grease, wipe the grates with a clean rag.


Maintenance Tips

Avoid using harsh detergents when cleaning the grill, but use a mild, dishwashing detergent to scrub bacteria, grime and food debris from different parts. Avoid using a wool pad for a stainless-steel grill, but use a sponge over the surface gently to avoid scratching the steel coat. Cover your grill between uses to protect it from the elements it will be exposed to. Give your grill a thorough cleaning after every eight to 10 uses.