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Season Cast Iron Grill Grates

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Long before modern kitchen appliances were invented, people cooked with cast-iron cookware over a fire pit or fireplace. A cast iron grill grate provides you with a sturdy, simple-to-use cooking surface. Maintaining your cast iron grill grates will keep them in good condition for many years. Poorly maintained cast iron grill grates end up with food stuck on them, and become rusty. A well-maintained cast iron surface cooks easily, with little mess, similar to non-stick cookware.





Remove the grill grate from the grill.



Scoop a quarter-sized amount of vegetable shortening onto a clean paper towel.



Wipe the vegetable shortening over the surface of the cast iron grill grate, changing paper towels as needed. Cover the entire cooking surface, including any grooves, corners and crevices.



Place the grill grate back into the grill and close the lid.



Preheat the grill on the "High" setting for 10 minutes, then turn the burner heat down to the "Medium" setting. Let the grill grate bake in the grill for 30 minutes to season the grates. Turn the heat off in the grill, and let the grate cool before you use it.