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Replace the Fabric on a Speaker

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Grille cloth is the fabric you see covering audio speakers, including those for computers, home stereos, amplifiers and headphones. Grille cloth creates an even quality of sound with a minimum of static or tinny noise. Over time it can deteriorate, and pets and children can destroy it. Some audio and speaker retailers sell replacement fabric that you can fit to the speaker's frame to keep your speakers looking new.



1 Remove the old grille cloth. Detach speaker frame from larger speaker component. If your speakers have a grille logo, remove by carefully prying away from frame with a screwdriver. If necessary, remove rear logo clip on the frame's back using the same process. Remove the grille cloth where it is attached to the back of the frame, starting at the corners. Run utility knife cleanly around frame to remove all cloth.


2 Cut new grille cloth. Lay your frame on the new grille cloth. Cut the cloth so that there is a 3-inch margin between the cloth and frame around the entire speaker frame.


3 Apply rubber cement in a thin, steady bead around the entire frame. Allow rubber cement to sit and get tacky. Fold one long side of fabric tightly over the long side of the frame, allowing it to sit in rubber cement. Repeat with other long side, then with both short sides of fabric. Make sure fabric on other side of frame remains flat and taut.


4 Remove excess fabric. Cut off any bunches of fabric appearing at the corners. Remove excess fabric around frame with a utility knife. Be careful not to cut above or into glued fabric, as this can ruin what you've done. Reattach grille logo.


5 Place speaker frame back onto speaker.