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Punch Holes in Metal

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One of the great things about home-improvement projects is you can usually do them yourself. It is necessary to punch a hole in metal for many projects, such as installing a heat shield on a grill, moreover it can be used for stainless basket, and surgical trays and so on. If the metal is thin enough, you can simply punch (or cut out) a hole with metal shears. For thicker pieces of metal, you punch out a hole with a knockout punch.



1 Drill a pilot hole into the piece of the metal. The hole should be slightly bigger than the bolt from your knockout (or metal hole) punch.


2 Take the knockout punch apart.


3 Put the bolt part of the knockout punch through the hole.


4 Attach the other part of the knockout punch that has the cutting edges to the bolt.


5 Tighten the knockout punch with a wrench. The tightening process will create a hole as the knockout punch cuts a hole in the metal.