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Perforated decorative screen

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The line of fencing panels and screening materials offered by us is well-suited for providing safety, privacy, or security while simultaneously adding aesthetic appeal to a building or property. Our works to meet architects’ exact design requirements when fabricating perforated metal fencing or screens, down to the thickness of the panel and the diameter of the perforations.


Our engineers and technicians have the training and skill to fabricate custom metal panels with an uncommon precision. Using the latest innovations and laser technology, we provide architects with options for customizing fencing panels and screening materials that are almost endless. Our team works according to your design plans, ensuring that your screens and fences are fabricated to meet your specifications and will serve their function for years to come.


Our wide variety of screening options and configurations have been developed and refined over many years to meet the diversity of architectural needs. We have worked to develop rain screens for buildings and large structures to maintain an open environment while shielding against the elements. We have provided architects with complex designs to increase the attractiveness and style of their development. We have provided security screening panels to deter trespassers or unwanted onlookers and protect personal property. Metal fencing and screening has applications beyond what most people expect, and We has solutions for providing reliable and creative options for those concerned about privacy or security.


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