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Our own design of black fruit basket

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WUZHOUKINGA is the manufacturer of all kinds of wire mesh baskets, now we develop a kind of black fruit basket, which is one of the best ways to keep fruit well stored is to put them in a basket. Our black fruit basket can ensure that the fruit or vegetables you put in them are well ventilated and dry and also can even be pieces of stylish decoration too. If you are interested in them, welcome consulting!


Display your fruit prominently and enticingly in our sturdy metal wire frame basket. The black fruit basket allow you to feature different fruits or have a simple smorgasbord of delicious fruity colors. Display your fruit in style with this unique, modern black fruit basket, which is metal linear design with Black powder coated finish. The black ftuir basket is durable and practical for everyday use, which can wash in warm soapy water, rinse and towel dry.


Our black fruit baskets are handcrafted. The fine geometric wire forms a modern nest like bowl, that will sit beautifully in anyone's home, whether filled with fruit or used as a storage piece for your bits and bobs. Tired of the boring, old fruit bowl display? Our black fruit baskets is a fresh solution for fruit storage! With a guard at the end of the curved basket, fruit will not fall out and retrieval is effortless. The black powder-coated metal construction offers the durability that's required for the basket's ability to hold heavy apples and oranges.