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Oil Filter Housings

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Filter housings are  kinds of sizes and shapes. Housings can be stand-alone or be designed to fit into oil reservoirs. They may accommodate one or more filter elements. Items to consider when selecting the filter housing is Ease of access. One must be able to access the filter easily to change the element.



1 Oil Filter Housing type and size works best.  Flange connections or straight threads may be a consideration to reduce leaks.

2 The larger oil filter housing, the larger the element, the less the pressure drop through the filter and the more area on the element to collect dirt. A good “rule of thumb” for housing size is to obtain at least a 2:1 ratio between the bypass valve setting and the pressure differential of the filter with a clean element installed.  A 3:1 ratio would insure even higher element life.

3 Make sure the oil filter housing can take the highest system pressure.  This is usually determined by the filter location.

4 Review all housing options available from the manufacturer. Some offer drains on the filter bowl, magnets to pick up ferrous metal particles, etc. 

5 The bypass valve is designed to prevent the collapse of an element or the restriction of the oil when the element is dirty or the oil viscosity is too high due to reduced temperatures.


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