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Making a Good Gas Grill

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Consumers often prefer gas grid grills for outdoor cooking because they are easy to start, the heat easy to control, and they eliminate the need for messy materials like wood or charcoal. Other qualities in basic features distinguish some models from others.



Sheet metal and pipe stainless burners are least expensive but not durable, developing holes with repeated use. Cast stainless steel and brass burners are more costly but will not rust or burn through.


Cooking Surfaces

Much like burners, cooking surfaces are available in various materials. Stainless steel grids are pricey but will last the lifetime of the bbq grill. Porcelain-coated steel is the next best option, followed by porcelain-coated wire or cast iron, all of which will last for several years. If they get chipped, however, rust can develop and cause deterioration. Cast iron is a good heat retainer but susceptible to rust.


BTU Considerations

BTU (British Thermal Unit) ratings determine how much heat the burners emanate, which significantly affects grilling times. Although higher BTU ratings would seem to guarantee hotter burners, other aspects like the size and shape of the bbq grill influence heat intensity. Use knowledge gained from customer product reviews in conjunction with BTU facts to ascertain the actual cooking temperatures of the grill.


Other Features

Besides burners and oven grids, gas grills frequently have other options including side tables, rotisseries and smokers, all of which increase the cost of the appliance. Choosing basic features that are reliable and long-lasting is normally considered more important than cosmetic amenities.