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Make a Home Wine Rack

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A homemade wine rack is something you can use for years. And it's perfect as a gift for all your friends and family too. This dowel rack with three levels is simple enough for the most novice woodworker or even children to build because it involves only simple tools and easy cuts. 


The wine holder is easily portable and is constructed to hold twelve bottles, but you could also scale it back to a nine or six bottle rack if you need it to fit in a smaller space. The finished rack measures 9 ¼ inches tall without bottles on the top shelf--the finished rack will remind you of a tinkertoy structure only much sturdier.


Actually the wire wine rack is also used for some wine bar, hotel and entertainment area and so on. There are many kinds of type of the wine rack such as classical style, morden style and cartoon style etc. All of the are perfect for the decoration of building.