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Install Wire Shelving

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If you are constantly faced with closet clutter and would like a solution that is easy to do and be able to easily reconfigure later, then a manufactured off-the-wall metal wire shelf system is something you would want to consider.


You can maximize your space if you replace your standard one long wooden shelf and rod that came with your closet with the use of wire shelving. It is simple to install for even the most inexperienced do-it-yourselfer.




1. Measure your closet. On a piece a paper, make a scale sketch of the closet and position the shelving and accessories where you will need them.


2. Buy the pieces of steel shelving that would fit into your closet space. Open-weave-wire shelving is generally best for most closets and the easiest type to install on your own. All wire shelving kits have detailed instruction and tips for positioning the components.


3. Locate the stud for the tracks. Mark the studs using a pencil. Drill holes where your screws will be placed to connect the tracks.


4. Screw on a couple of tracks vertically in the middle 2 feet apart. Check that the track is level by aligning the level against it.


5. Locate the first wire shelf about 36 inches above the floor to provide enough room to hang blouses or shirts underneath it. The method of mounting the clips is entirely dependent on the wall materials.

Concrete wall or brick wall: use plastic anchors to hold the tracks in place.

Drywall: use toggle bolts to secure clips or tracks to an area without framing.


6. Anchor your first shelf using the support poles and brackets for the tracks and by using back clips against the wall. All of these should come in the shelving kit that can be purchased at home improvement stores.


7. Once you have anchored the first wire shelving in place, determine where you will put the other shelves. Spacing the other shelves 16 inches apart above usually works out well. You may need to cut the other shelves to fit properly into the space. You can accomplish this by using a hacksaw with a new fine-pitch blade. This will make a smooth cut through the steel material. Make sure to check the level on each shelf to ensure proper alignment.