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How to make wine rack

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Wine bottles look great just displayed on a counter or an entry table in a wine rack. They also are great gift ideas. Put a bottle of wine in the handcrafted wine rack and the recipient will be very grateful.



1. Lay the wire meshes flat to create the coaster. Glue together wine corks of the same size. Lay them flat on a work table to create a cork coaster. 


2. Make the coaster two corks in length and five corks wide laid flat on the table. Apply a drop of hot glue between each wherever they touch.


3. Glue corks together to surround a wine bottle. Stand a bottle of wine on the cork coaster. The coaster should be bigger than the bottom of the wine bottle. 


4. If not, add another row of corks. Center the bottle of wine on the coaster. Stand two corks upright and glue them to the coaster and to each other 1/4 inch away from the bottle. 


5. Don't glue them to the bottle. Keep gluing corks upright all the way around the bottom of the bottle. Stack the second row of corks on top of the first row.  There are many wine bottle holders in WUZHOU KINGDA, if you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us!