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How to Clean Old Speaker Fabric

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Updating your home stereo can be quite an expensive venture. Stereo equipment is not cheap, and some people, no matter how much they love listening to music, just can't afford the upgrade. However, you can help your old stereo equipment last longer by taking proper care of it. For instance, older speaker grill can be covered in a layer of fabric. Cleaning this fabric regularly prevents dirt and dust particles from getting inside the speaker netting and causing damage.




Run a lint roller over the outside of the fabric to remove as many particles as possible.



Unplug the speakers from any power source and remove the fabric from your stereo. The fabric is often part of plastic grilles that can be snapped off the front of the speakers.



Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner to vacuum the fabric grilles. Be sure to vacuum both sides to remove as much dust and dirt as you can.



Clean out the sensitive drivers of the speaker with either a soft, dry paintbrush, or with a can of compressed air if you can't get to certain areas.



Rinse the fabric grilles under lukewarm water if they're still dirty. Do not turn the water pressure up too high.



Lay the speaker grilles out flat to dry. Do not put them back onto the speakers until they are completely dry.