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How to Build a Mesh Potting Bench top

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Metal shelf for potting benches are a convenient fixture for your shed or garden. They hold empty pots, potting soil and the garden implements you need to tend to your plants. The top surface of a potting bench should be high enough to work comfortably while standing. Some potting benches have a wire mesh panel at the rear of the top surface. This wire mesh looks like wire rack, it is sturdy enough to hang garden implements on with S-hooks. You can add a mesh panel to your potting bench if you have basic carpentry skills


Measure the length of the back edge of your potting bench. This will be the length measurement for the wire mesh panel. Decide how high you want the panel to stand. Twenty-four inches is a good height, but it also depends on how much space you have and your personal preference. This will be the height measurement for the mesh rack.


Cut four 1-by-2 inch hardwood boards to the length measurement from Step 1. Cut two boards to the height measurement from Step 1. Cut two more boards to the height measurement plus 6 inches. Use hardwood that weathers well, such as cedar or redwood. Avoid pressure-treated wood because it tends to leach chemicals and could contaminate your plants or harm your skin.


Cut a rectangle of wire mesh to the height measurement in Step 1 and the length measurement in Step 1 plus 3 inches. Use mesh that is galvanized with holes from 1 to 2 inches so you can insert S-hooks into them. Use wire netting, such as chicken wire, or welded wire mesh. The wire gauge should be around 20.


Position the boards on a flat surface in a rectangle with two of the longest boards at the top and bottom. Use the shortest boards for the sides. Align the ends of the short boards with the top and bottom edges of the long boards. The short boards will enclose the ends of the long boards.


Center the wire mesh rectangle over the wood frame. Staple the mesh to the wood every few inches, keeping the wooden frame corners lined up together.


Cover the long boards of the frame with the remaining two long boards, sandwiching the mesh between them. Place the two middle-sized boards over the side boards of the wooden rectangle to cover the mesh. Place the middle-sized boards so that their top ends line up with the top ends of the side boards. The bottom ends of the middle-sized boards should protrude past the bottom ends of the side boards, forming the legs of the mesh panel.


Screw the top layer of boards to the bottom layer with 1 1/4- or 1 1/2-inch screws. Space three screws evenly down each side and four screws evenly across the top and bottom.


Center the wire mesh shelf top on the back edge of your potting bench so that it rests on the ends of the shortest boards and the middle-sized boards become legs that extend down the back of the bench.


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