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Hexagonal wire netting products

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Hexagonal wire netting is made by twisting in the straight direction and reverse direction to form a hexagonal opening. It can be used as animal cage especially for the dog cage. Our factory began its producing hexagonal mesh in 2001.


A core team is experienced on hexagonal wire netting making and fabricating, both the production of the finished hexagonal wire mesh products and the design and development of the hexagonal mesh machines for hex wire twisting. High quality hexagonal wire mesh & netting products we produce and export is our pride, they come in big volume of galvanized hexagonal wire netting, plastic coated hexagonal wire netting, gabions, chicken netting, stucco netting and even hexagonal wire mesh weaving machines.


As can be seen from this site, we supply many kinds of products: matal basket, sterilization basket, and some pet cages. Hexagonal wire netting series include light type and heavy hex wire mesh for gabions, chicken wire fences, supplied in galvanized steel wire, stainless steel wire and plastic coated wire, most of them are mainly used for animal cage or some heavy duty basket. 


We have been in this industry for more than ten years, and we have rich experienc of producing hexagonal mesh, know how to get quality PVC coating for the coated hexagonal wire netting, how to make the strongest gabions and how to design machines to yield full range of hexagonal wire mesh and netting products both reverse twisted and straight twisted.


If you are interested in the products made of Hexagonal wire netting,  please feel free to contact us. TEL: 0086-10-68150001. Email: sales@kingdametal.com