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DIY Metal Perforating

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Metal perforating is used for many craft projects such as perforated basket, the inner structure of filter element, perforated filter tube and so on. Most notably the creation of what were once called "pie safes" before the advent of refrigerators. Now used decoratively, metal perforating can be done to imitate old world craftsmanship or produce interesting designs on storage cabinets or candle holders.




Position the metal to be punched on the wood backing board. The ideal place to work is on a concrete slab where the impact from the hammer will not damage tile or wood surfaces through the backing board.



Sketch the desired design onto the metal using a pencil. It is also acceptable to position a picture onto the metal and strike the punch through it to transfer the design. If you choose to do this, affix the picture to the metal using masking tape.



Hold the hammer in your dominant hand while positioning the metal punch or nail with your other hand. Use a single swift stroke of the hammer to pound the punch or nail into and through the metal being perforated. For each stroke of the hammer, try to use approximately the same force to ensure that the metal perforation is equal throughout the design.


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