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DIY Mesh Speaker Grill

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Speaker grills protect the front of the speaker. Therefore, the grill should be tough but not solid, so as not to baffle the sound of the speaker. If you're building your own speakers, the speaker grill is typically the last job. Although you’ve finished the tricky electronics, soldering and wood-cutting, don’t rush the speaker grill as this will give your speakers an untidy and unprofessional appearance. The speaker grill fits on the inside of the front of the speaker cabinet, so don’t screw on the front until you’ve fabricated the grille.


1 Measure the diameter of the front of the speaker cone. This is the length from one edge to the other.


2 Set your compass to half the diameter, plus 1 inch. This is the radius, plus 1 inch.


3 Draw a circle on the wood using the compass. This circle has a circumference of 1 inch more than the speaker. It’s essential that the circle is wider than the speaker so that when the wood is cut, it doesn’t obscure the speaker in any way.


4 Adjust the compass range so it's 1/2 inch smaller than your first setting. Place the needle on the indentation left when drawing the first circle. Make a second circle inside the first to create a ring.


5 Cut the outside of the ring with a wood saw. Cut as close as you can to the line without going over it.