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Build an Iguana wire mesh grating

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If you are considering raising a pet iguana, then you will first need to build a wire mesh grating, before purchasing your new pet.


Building a wire mesh grating for your pet is relatively easy and can be done within a few hours. Many pieces that belong in an iguana's natural habitat can be found in the outdoors, making the wire mesh grating process much cheaper and easier than other exotic pets.


Lay out all of your materials. Your 20 gallon tank, will provide the initial housing for your pet iguana.


It is important to know that an iguana can grow up to six feet long: So it will eventually require a much bigger cage and habitat. The wire mesh grating should have a top that locks to prevent the iguana from escaping.


Mount two thermometers with suction cups to the inside of the wire mesh grating. One thermometer should be mounted on the warm side, and the other should be placed on the cooler side.


This will help to determine whether or not your wire mesh grating is maintaining the correct temperature. Ideally, it should be 95 degrees Fahrenheit with a thermal gradient around 80 degrees. If the entire cage is 95 degrees, then the iguana will become stressed, shortening its lifespan.


Insert the furniture. The food dish and water are placed on the warm side, where the iguana will eat and digest its food. The hide box is on the cooler side of the wire mesh cage. Also insert the basking limb, so that it's closer to the hot side. Place a small pile of smooth-surfaced rocks inside, to help simulate part of the iguana's natural environment.


Mount the heat lamp and UVB lighting mechanism on top of the mesh cage. Most terrariums have a wire mesh grating that slides over the top. This can have the heat lamp and UVB lighting resting on top, allowing direct exposure to the heat, as well as the UVB light. Set the timer to control the heat lamp, so that it runs for 12 hours and then turns off for 12 hours.


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