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Build a Speaker Grill

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A good speaker grill should protect the speakers and allow the sound to pass through unaffected. It should also look good or, at least, blend into the background. The materials and designs for speaker grills vary, depending on whether they're mounted in a home audio system, in a car, or elsewhere. The most common material for auto speakers is metal grating, while other applications use acoustically transparent cloth.
1 Most speaker grills are circular, but they can be any shape necessary to cover a configuration of speakers in close proximity, or to fit in an audio speaker assembly. Cut the wood board with the saw to the desired gasket-like shape, making sure to leave a hollow middle at least the full size of the speaker.
2 Cover one surface of the frame completely with the grill material, leaving enough overlapping on all sides to cover the desired depth of the speaker grill. Car audio speakers will probably not have as deep speaker grills as other applications, and the grills will tend to be held in place by the manufacturer's plastic enclosure. If using cloth for home audio, hold taught and staple to the wood frame.
3 How the frame is attached depends on the design of the speaker enclosure and the materials involved. Metal surface can be connected through small magnets. Wood can be attached to wood with glue, nails or staples.