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About the mouse trap

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A mouse trap is a trap designed to catch mouse.


Mouses are suspicious of new objects(especially objects that they've seen but not touched) and traps with only one entrance. If they see other rats have been trapped they may avoid the trap. Traps which do not address these issues are likely to catch only young, inexperienced rats, not the older ones. So the alive mouse trap is developed.


Spring traps for large rodents such as rats or squirrels are powerful enough to break the animal's neck or spine. They may break human fingers as well, whereas an ordinary spring-based mouse trap is very unlikely to break a human finger. Rat spring traps may not be sensitive enough to spring when a mouse takes the bait.


A mouse cage trap is a metal cage box-shaped device that is designed primarily to catch rats without killing them. Food bait (not poisoned) is put in the cage trap. When an animal enters the cage and moves toward the bait, the mechanism triggers and closes a door over the entry point. The animal is caught alive and without injury. The animal can be transported and released elsewhere or subsequently killed. Nowadays, it's the abviously the best way.


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